PVC Heart Beats and Panic Attacks

Panic attack Symptoms

I’ve had symptoms of PVC Heart Beats and Panic Attacks since I was around 12 years old. I’m now almost 42. So If I can live this long with them I’m sure you can too.

[1] Premature Ventricular Complexes (PVC’s)

PVC’s are extra electrical impulses arising from one of the cardiac ventricles in the heart, usually the left ventricle.

Basically PVC’s are when your heart skips beats from its normal rythm which are mostly harmless if your healthier otherwise. Millions of people have PVC heart beats as well as panic disorder. They can also be entirely seperate but typically go hand in hand because PVC heart beats can cause people to be teriffied that they happen to them. What this does is heightens the persons awarness that they have them which fuels their fear to have another one. This cycal affect is basically fearing fear itself which is what panic attacks are. Fear of fearing.

Anyway, I’m still not sure what caused my PVC heart beats the panic attacks or the PVC heart beats causing me to have panic attacks. But what I do know is that they are somehow related.

When I first got them I was about 12. I remember it was shortly after I was really sick. Either days or just a couple of weeks. I remember I spent the night at a friends house and in the morning I felt my heart skip some beats and scared me really bad. Eventually I developed panic attacks around that time I think because I feared them and caused me to develop panic attacks.

Also it might be important to note that around this time I was also having lots of anxiety related issues. I moved 3 times in the course of a few months. First I lived with my mom since my parents separated when I was bout 4 or 5 years old. Then I went to go live with my dad when I was bout 11 years old. I stayed with him for 1 year until I moved back with my mom because my step mom was severely mentally abusing me. I was with my mom for about 1 month before my brother, mom, and myself moved to another town with a new boyfriend she had met. Not sure how long she new him because I was living with my dad for the previous year.

Before I get to the next point I want to throw in here that about a year before I went to go live with my dad I had almost drowned in the ocean when we capsized our fishing boat off the coast of Fort Bragg, Ca on Easter morning. Interesting enough that was the exact time when “Jaws” the movie was released.

When we capsized the boat from the massive swells off the coast a few hundred yards from shore, the rip tide was quickly sucking me out to sea. No matter how hard I swam I couldn’t swim towards shore. My uncle who was also tossed out of the boat began throwing me ahead of him telling me to swim. I guess I was so frightened that I was crawling all over my brother almost drowning him too. We could not hold on to the boat any longer because it had sunk in the deep water from the swells. It was just a small 12-14 ft aluminum boat. Thinking back I have no idea what the hell my dad and uncle were thinking taking kids out to sea WITHOUT life jackets! While I was trying to swim I realized that I lost my crutches. Yes I had been using crutches because I twisted my knee playing baseball about 2 weeks before. Thank God I did not have a cast on my leg or I would have immediately sank to the bottom!

Well anyways while I was trying to swim to shore I kept thinking that sharks were going to take a bite into me and tear me to pieces at any second because I had just seen the movie “JAWS”. I was scared to death, not only that, I felt I was drowning too. As soon as I would get swept under by the swells my uncle somehow would grab me and toss me forward toward the direction of shore. I did mange to see a crowd gathering on shore watching us. I kept thinking to, myself “why aren’t these people helping me?”, “why are they just standing there, I’m drowning”

My mind began to get really cloudy and felt waterlogged, also my body was moving slower I was getting disorientated from the cold water and I was exhausted from swimming as we approached about 50-100 yards from the shoreline. The massive water swells and surf were pounding me and kept sucking me to sea. I was so close but I just couldn’t manage to swim to shore. The water was too heavy & powerful and was slowly taking me. My uncle, who was a military man based in Fort Bragg at the time kept yelling at me “swim”, “swim”, “dig”, “dig” as I was now on the edge of the sandy shore as the waves kept pounding on me.

I finally managed to lay exhausted on the edge of the beach as the waves kept hitting my legs. I was completely numb and exhausted. My head felt like it had water in it. I couldn’t move any more I just lay there like a seal on the beach. I remember being angry as I looked at the gathered people. Nobody came up to me to see if I was all right.

My uncle made it to shore too and tried to retrieve the boat from the ocean waters but the pounding surf smashed it into several pieces.

My dad nearly drowned himself as he tried to save himself. He was wearing one of my uncles military jackets loaded down with fishing weights. He had to take the jacket off at sea and managed to make it to a rocky point.

My brother also made it to shore but weird I never saw him make it there. In fact I don’t remember even seeing him after I made it.

Soon after this accident I developed an intense fear of the sounds of jet engines. Ok you might be saying yea that is weird. But here’s why…

Jet engines sound EXACTLY like crashing pounding surf. Have you ever been to the ocean before? Then you know that the sounds of crashing waves are quite loud and have a rumbling sound to it.

Well I developed a phobia of anything that sounded rumbly like waves and more specifically jet engines. In Sacramento at that time we had an Air Force base about 5 miles away and they would several times daily test jet engines by firing them up for about 30 seconds at a time. The sound would cause me to instantly stop what I was doing and panic, if I was in the house I would run to the door of the house and look outside to see if the waves were coming to wash me out to sea. If I was outside I would look around too see if the waves were coming to get me. I know its sounds completely crazy and stupid but this is what can happen to people when they have a terrible near death experience and develop PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder)

Ok, so moving on to the rest of what I was telling you about when we moved about a year later to live with my mom’s boyfriend.

Shortly after I started in my new Jr. High School in this new town in N. California called Chico, I started to get really intense feelings of death. I became afraid to die. The feelings were so intense I would almost have an outer body feeling of unreality. Like I was just an object and nothing more but a blip in the universe. The feelings were so intense but would only last about 30 seconds or so, just enough to scare the crap out of me.

I developed a phobia of sorts of dying. I was scared to death to die and became fixated on this. I think this is what ultimately led to my first panic attacks, which I mentioned in the beginning at my friends house.

Every time I would have a panic attack my heart would skip beats for up to 45-60 minutes until my body became so exhausted that it was like taking a tranquilizer and they would stop and I would fall asleep. But as soon as I woke up I was living in constant fear that it would happen again so I would have panic attacks just like that almost everyday. It has severely affected my thought process and who I am over the course of years because of this.

I have NEVER seen a doctor over this and have learned on my own how to get over panic attacks or how to deal with them.

It got to the point that I was afraid to exert myself to a level of my heart increasing just a little bit. I would not run more than few yards or go swimming or anything like that in fear it might set it off.

Over the years I have developed a hyper sensitive keen sense to know exactly how fast my heart is beating at any given moment and if it has skipped a beat or not.

It was always my dream to be able to run or exert myself without fear of fear itself, which seems to set my panic attacks and pvc’s off

Over the years I have been able to have them less and less as each year goes by (panic attacks) but occasionally I will have a pvc heart skipper. Sometimes this will be a few times a day other times I will not have them for several weeks.

For the most part I do not get panic attacks when my heart skips beats unless I’m already seriously stressed out and that hasn’t happened in several years now.

I also learned that certain foods can make me more susceptible to panic attacks or help them out.

Through years and years I have been able to get in tune with my body and know what it wants and doesn’t want.

The primary things you need to always stay away from are any type of stimulants. Obviously panic attacks are like having a surge of adrenaline rushing through your body. So any thing that stimulates your body and heart or nervous system can make you have a panic attack.

Stay away from caffeine! Which includes coffee, tea, and sodas like Mountain dew, jolt, coke, Pepsi, and even some orange drinks. Just be aware of exactly what you’re drinking in your sodas or other drinks.

Certain foods might also cause you to have PVC heart beats or panic attacks and this seems to vary greatly from person to person.

Example: I noticed that drinking milk will give me a lot more PVC heart beats and panic attacks then I normally would, in fact quite a bit more to where I realized this years ago. So I cut out milk from my diet. Some people suggest starchy foods will give them more PVC heart beats or panic attacks. Foods like breads, cereal, past, rice.etc.

So not take recreational drugs like smoking pot or Methamphetamine, crack, crank, ice, etc.

Think of your body as being allergic to all stimulants like including the items above.

Now there are also foods that can help make your Panic attacks and PVC heart beats much less frequent. In fact to almost non-existent to non-at all.

Eating balanced meals and cutting out all junk foods or low quality foods like fast food will help dramatically to cut back on your PVC heart beats and panic attacks.

Take a high potency vitamin supplement high in B-Complex (super nutrition foods offers an excellent multi vitamin) and eat foods like green vegetables such as broccoli, green beans, and peas. Basically just remember to eat good well-balanced meals!

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Michelle Tason

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