How To Stop Panic Attacks

how to stop panic attacks
How To Stop Panic Attacks

I’m going to share with you a few tips on how to stop your panic attacks. I’ve had them for almost 30 years so I believe I have some information that will help you out….

This is how to stop your panic attacks

Tell yourself in your mind that you have gone through a panic attack before and you lived, and this attack is no different. Laugh out loud at it and do reverse psychology on it. When you lapse, immediately get involved in something to keep your mind instantly busy to take your mind off the immediate thoughts until your manifested thoughts subside.

Force yourself to get your mind involved in a funny television show. If you can’t sit for obvious reasons stand up and watch it and pace around until your mind eases. Take a few deep breaths.

Start drinking a bunch of water telling yourself in your mind that it cools you down and makes you feel better. Drinking water Is like an IV the hospital gives you. It works!

Stand by your computer and go to YouTube and watch funny videos until your thoughts subside

Start talking to someone about anything if you can stand still and not look like your freaked out. (Depends on the level) until your mind eases.

Don’t fight it. Let it come and take its course and assure yourself that you will live because you have had them before. Also remember that as the author of these tips I’m sharing with you, that I’ve had severe panic disorder of the worst kind and if I can live this long with this disorder than so can you….

The more you beat your panic attack away from the places that make you feel comfortable the more will power you will get at beating the panic attack next time in places that normally make you feel uncomfortable and keep you from lapsing when your out and about.

Quickly stop Your panic attacks

Those were some of the techniques I’ve used over the last 30 years to help stop my panic attacks when I was having them.

After nearly 30 years, I do not get panic attacks anymore. But I use to have severe panic attacks where my heart would actually start skipping beats while I was having an attack along with all the other panic attack symptoms that are so typical but very terrifying. Like an intense feeling of unreality like I was going to die of a heart attack or stop breathing any second as my chest was hurting and the palms of my hands were sweating.

Well…. I don’t want to get into to much more detail as I know this can also stress you out and possibly lead into your own panic attack. Just remember this… you will not die from your panic attack.

I also want to tell you something extremely important about your panic disorder that you may or may not know….

The couple of techniques I shared with you above will only help you while your actually having a panic attack. To stop your panic attacks forever you need to get to the root of your disorder which is breaking your perpetual loop of being afraid to have your next panic attack, which leads to you obsessing when your next panic attack will come.

Its a vicious circle and it all sounds crazy, but your afraid of being afraid.

If you don’t stop worrying and obsessing about when your next panic attack will come they will just keep compounding daily, weekly, monthly and yearly and can have significant negative affects on your personality that can lead to avoidence of certain places or things. You will also develop poor relationships with people as you start withdrawling and become more introverted, which can also not only affect your relationships, but your job performance, your quality of life, and your overall health.

Since your panic attacks are triggered by fearing fear itself, then Your probably wondering how do you stop worrying about when your next panic attack will come if it completely scares the hell out of you each time that you have a panic attack?

How Do you break your perpetual loop of fear that causes you to constantly think about when your next panic attack will come, which then triggers yet more panic attacks inside you?

How do you stop your panic attacks forever? Is it even possible?

Honestly after 30 years I had no clue it was even possible to stop my panic attacks forever since my constant fear over the years had deeply damaged my thought process from all the panic attacks I had.

Maybe you’ve only had one panic attack before? Maybe you’ve had panic attacks only a few times? Maybe you have panic attacks all the time like I use to?

Whatever your case, I can tell you that based not only on my first hand experiences having panic attacks myself for years and years, but also being highly educated about panic disorder, that your panic attacks are not over. They will only continue to get worse over time and eventually haunt you for the rest of your life unless you find out how to stop your panic attacks forever.



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